2019 proved to be very kind to us and we top the £1,000,000 turnover mark for the first time with over 1,250 jobs flowing through the Studio. Thank you to all our customers large and small for trusting us with their business and helping us along this journey. Bring on 2020…


Onwards and upwards as we work on all our clients work. Filming, managing and running GWR’s Award Ceremony. Then producing promotional films throughout the UK for National Trust… from Bats to Coastlines! Staff Survey campaigns for FirstBus, Signage for Steris.


Chloe Richards joins the team as Junior Graphic Designer. Chloe has huge potential for someone so young and the injection of more youth will help set us up for the future.

SWR’s Award Ceremony hosted by Kriss Akabusi goes without a hitch and yet another TOC chooses Red Rocket to roll out their new Brand; working closely with Avanti’s in-house Marketing Team and London design agencies, we explore a new brand identity for the West Coast Franchise –  Developing a design and style that feature on a huge ranges of deliverables, from large scale station signage to branded menus, brochures, leaflets, digital web assets and the all-important timetables… even Advanti branded dog bowls!

August 2017

SWR is the next to re-brand and again Red Rocket is the Graphic Design team of choice as we are recommended and win the tender to roll out their new branding created by London based agency FourPeople. Our credentials take us to advertising campaigns and promotional concepts. SWR’s requirements are huge but no-one knows the brand better than we do.

September 2017

Great Western Hospital asks us to work on a recruitment campaign, and we produce banners and billboards that run through Swindon.

July 2016

Red Rocket’s workload is full-on and with Cailey expecting twins, we need to keep the work flowing and Rob Illing is the latest welcome edition to the team.

We are not all trains though, as we are producing promotional material for Bible Society, Stanley Security Solutions, Lucy Zodion and many other local companies.

June 2017

Red Rocket is heavily involved in the promotion of the rollout of new HST stock for GWR – it’s the Biggest Fleet Upgrade in a Generation. And to celebrate each train naming, RR are commissioned and proud to design and supply limited edition commemorative silver coins. The first set being presented to HRH her Majesty the Queen, no less!

September 2015

First Great Western re-brand themselves and become GWR. The brand is based on the traditional green of Great Western Rail and focuses on putting pride back into the sector, returning to traditional values and the renaissance of rail. Red Rocket is asked to work closely with London agency Pentagon on this project and are responsible for rolling out across the franchise.

February 2016

Success breeds success and Red Rocket are recommended to TransPennine Express and we work closely with them on printed literature and internal comms. They too have a re-brand in the process and Red Rocket find themselves involved again with fulfilling elements of their Northern Star image as we know it today.

July 2015

Repeat business and new clients such as BMW Mini, Synergy Health and Improve International means we are adding to the team again: Ben jumps on board with his creativity and animation skills. We also boost our web and digital solutions division with the recruitment of Anthony, who proves to be a great addition. 

August 2015

Animation proves a popular media for H&S and Process messaging. And pairing this with digital solutions, our customers are just loving our work! 

June 2014

Two further designers Emma and Becky strengthen the Red Rocket Team, however, they both chose to move on to follow different career paths after just 6 months.

Arval hit a great sales milestone and commission RR to organise a ‘Grand Employee Party’ at their premises. With a Mardi Gras theme, we led 2 processions around the building to get everyone together for the announcement. A great night of entertainment!

July 2014

Chloe and Laurie join Red Rocket and they soon get their feet under the table with their great design and organisation skills. They are a great asset to the company. The amount of work and the quality of our work and is impressive for a team of just 5 designers. 

July 2012

Our best year to date; as we are commissioned to produce more films and advertising campaigns, display graphics, events, conferences, digital solutions. The full package – so to speak.

November 2013

Seems like the world wide web is here to stay! So with the growing need to offer Website design and development – we bring our build services in-house. This is a great new facility for us, as we are now able to control our own digital workloads and solutions.


FGW have major transitional plans and re-model their trains and services and Red Rocket is commissioned to film 7-months of upgrade work. Perhaps the highlight of this was Liam flying high over Dawlish in a helicopter to get some fantastic HST footage. These films have been shown on BBC News and other documentary programmes over the years.

Arval Funday July 2010 – RR are commissioned by Arval to organise and manage a ‘Family Funday’. A blistering hot day – everyone had such fun with family games, rides, picnics and entertainment.

July 2011

Red Rocket relocates to 5 Cricklade Court. Considering our expansion plans for the next few years, these new premises will allow us to grow the team and develop into the digital market.

June 2007

We start to design and visualise websites. Not confident enough at this time to build them, we quickly strike up working relationships with website builders to create sites for our customers.


National Trust Guidelines are released. What a great brand, but we felt that it didn’t make the most of the opportunity to take it a stage further. So we made our recommendations and are delighted to say we have worked with them ever since!

Recession hits the UK, but RR seems to go under that radar. With more companies looking closer at their spend, more business seems to be coming our way!

March 2005

Even the Royal Artillery are after our services!

June 2006

With orders and client base growing – we recruit Cailey from Swindon College. Cailey proves to be another great signing and she stays with us for over 10 years, holding the title of Creative Director at Red Rocket in the process.

August 2004

As Red Rocket grows in confidence, we find ourselves designing all sorts of things: graphic panels, demonstration rooms, reception refurbs – exhibitions and even Aircraft Carriers… honest! Only in a small way admittedly, but as we produced graphic illustrations and visuals for Thales, we also assisted with their ship designs!

December 2004

Red Rocket finds themselves designing employee award schemes and then managing and overseeing the award ceremonies themselves. This in turn takes us into conferences and events too. Arval, Thames Water and Royal Mail have all benefitted from our skills and in the case of Arval, in particular, we have managed their annual employee engagement conferences ever-since.

March 2001

Business is taking off and through referrals, we are working with the likes of Stannah Stairlifts, Reckitt Benkiser, Renault, Nokia and Thales. Not to mention many local, smaller, yet just as important clients. Not only are we offering great creative solutions, but with our knowledge and experience gained whilst working for a commercial printer pre Red Rocket, we are supplying some super printed items.

July 2002

Sadie Spiteri joins the team. As a Junior Creative Designer, Sadie hits the floor running and quickly builds working relationships with our customers, producing some fantastic work. She stayed with us for over 10 years before leaving on maternity leave. Sadie did return part-time for a while, but after becoming a mum for a second time, she hung up her designer boots at Red Rocket in exchange for more nappies and booties!

January 1st 2000

Conceived November 1999, Red Rocket Graphic Design Limited is born and ready for business on 1st January 2000! Working out of an attic room in Old Town, the Directors’ (Graeme Wright and Liam O’Rafferty) first job was an internal comms brochure referring to the possible implications of the Millennium for Nationwide Building Society!

July 2000

Red Rocket introduce themselves to FGW (now GWR) and start producing work for them and FirstGroup. 20 years on, and we continue to produce great work not only for GWR, but we have also expanded to TransPennine Express, SWR, Arriva, West Coast, Heathrow Express, FirstBus and of course direct with parent company FirstGroup… not to mention the new Avanti West Coast franchise! We are most certainly train operator specialists when it comes to internal and external comms!!

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