National Trust Convestival

National Trust


National Trust Convestival illustration


The National Trust approached Red Rocket to deliver their annual conference known internally as Convestival. So what is Convestival? Overall, Convestival is part conference part festival. In fact, it is designed to provide opportunities for volunteering managers to develop skills and network within The Trust.


First of all, The National Trust Team arranged a consultation with Red Rocket. During the meeting, we decided on the theme, colours and location of the event. Once finalised, Red Rocket began the development of the brand. As a rule, Convestival is a stand-alone training day for volunteers across the country. To celebrate the ‘Spirit of place’ the event is held at a National Trust Property.

Red Rocket created a standout logo and refined the brand guidelines through the development cycle of the project. On approval of the brand assets, we developed the print material, event collateral and venue aesthetics for the event. In addition to working alongside the NT team, we liaised directly with approved suppliers for location-specific material such as gazebo and entertainment.

The Numbers








Branded Tattoos


Not only did we create an impactful and ownable identity, but we also developed a fresh and bold design theme to complement previous events. Firstly, the Volunteers are encouraged to visit Masterclass Sessions and Inclusion Zones to encourage networking where they exchange views and opinions.

In conclusion, we not only delivered a rich and engaging visual experience for the trust but also the delegates.

Convestival Materials

As a result of this successful collaboration with the NT Team, we created an impactful identity for Convestival. Alongside the brand identity, Red Rocket encouraged volunteers to network, visit Masterclass Sessions and Inclusion Zones To achieve this we created lanyards, maps and stamps to collect and share with fellow delegates. This provided an opportunity for volunteers to exchange views and opinions.

In conclusion, Red Rocket provided a full-service event solution for The National Trust Convestival Event. We delivered the conference materials on-time and in the budget and given these points, we look forward to working alongside the National Trust for the next event.