Excellence Awards

Celebrating the employees of GWR

Branding the GWR Annual Excellence Awards

As well as being one of the biggest train companies in the UK, GWR are also the only one to operate commuter, regional, sleeper and high-speed services. Working as a team, they help 97 million customers a year travel through their 276 stations. GWR’s employees work extremely hard to make this possible, and so they hold the annual Excellence Awards to recognise this.

At Red Rocket we had the privilege of working closely alongside GWR to create their branding for this exciting project. Each year, the Colleague Engagement team set an iconic theme that the materials are branded to.

From initial concepts to the final deliverables, we are with GWR every step of the way. We ensure the highest quality at each stage. Some of these final deliverables include printed invitations and a fully responsive website. Also, branding for pull up banners, gift bags, table plans, and presentation slides were also created to be used at the event. Our creativity knows no bounds. We also filmed and produced the GWR Excellence Awards 2019 Highlights video.

The event was a pleasure to play a part in making happen. Above all, whilst filming we could see that the employees of GWR had an amazing time to remember.

We believe that colleagues who go above and beyond, and who live and breathe their companies values deserve an amazing, quality and fun night to remember. Our services provide nothing short of that.

Behind the scenes