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Improve International

Digital Marketing and Advertising for Improve International


Improve International seeks to raise veterinary standards through continual staff development. As their name suggests, they operate on a global basis and have launched training courses across Europe, Australia, Mexico, and Japan.

Red Rocket has worked with Improve for over 10 years on a variety of internal and external communications. This includes working across both digital and print-based design to support their in-house communications team. Due to the nature of their work, Improve is a B2B company who might request eye-catching exhibition graphics to help them stand out at a trade show, or need creative direct marketing sent to prospective clients.

The digital design services that we provide mainly consist of building promotional emails to publicise their new courses. Digital newsletters can serve as a vital tool for interacting with clients, so it’s incredibly important to maintain Improve’s professional brand identity. We’re able to extract a lot of useful information from these digital promotions such as engagement levels and reach.

Digital Marketing and Advertising for Improve International

Promoting the brand

During the development stage, we were guided by research on the target audience. This helped us to make informed decisions when it came to identifying the best marketing strategy to promote their courses. We also reviewed figures on the completion of the advertising campaigns by reviewing the reach and engagement figures. This helped us and Improve International to understand the success of the project.

Digital Marketing and Advertising for Improve International
Graphic Design and Print Production for Improve International