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National Trust Convestival Map illustration


The National Trust holds an Annual Conference, ‘Convestival’ (part convention, part festival), to provide the opportunity for volunteering managers to develop not only their skills but also increase their confidence within the trust. With this in mind, Red Rocket established a powerful new brand identity which delighted the customer.


Firstly, the National Trust decided on a theme for this year’s event. As a rule, Convestival is a stand-alone training day for volunteers across the country. Generally, the event is held at a National Trust Property to celebrate the ‘Spirit of place’.

In the first instance, Red Rocket began working on the logo and brand identity of the event. Once this was established, we further developed the print material, event collateral and venue. In addition to this, we worked alongside our trusted suppliers to produce the event material for the event.

The Numbers








Branded Tattoos

Photo from the National Trust Convestival event
Photo from the National Trust Convestival event
National Trust Convestival logo 2015
National Trust Convestival logo 2017


Not only did we create an impactful and ownable identity, but we also developed a fresh and bold design theme to complement previous events. Firstly, the Volunteers are encouraged to visit Masterclass Sessions and Inclusion Zones to encourage networking where they exchange views and opinions.

In conclusion, we not only delivered a rich and engaging visual experience for the trust but also the delegates.

National Trust Convestival logo 2016
National Trust Convestival logo 2018

Convestival Materials

Some of the event materials designed and supplied included lanyards, programmes, maps and signs. Additionally, we also designed temporary water-transfer tattoos as a bit of fun and engagement.

On the whole, we introduced the first of these designs in 2017 to reflect their inclusion theme and featured a rainbow coloured version of their oak leaf logo. Equally, last year in 2018, as the trust was focusing on identity and individuality, the logo and tattoo design portrayed a multi-coloured fingerprint.