Operation Hillside Film

A secret wartime past is revealed

Red Rocket has been tasked with a covert operation on behalf of the National Trust. We were asked to create a short film based on the history of a National Trust property Hughenden House.

During the Second World War Hughenden was home to a secret map-making operation, so secret in-fact that it only came to light 60 years later.

The Exhibition

As part of our consultation process, we re-imagined the visitors experience and wanted to create an immersive environment for the National Trust. In the basement of the property, we proposed that it be re-created into a WW2 bunker to really capture the key role the property had during the war.

We worked alongside Bernie Knill, Hughenden Hillside Volunteer, to carefully craft the script so that it was engaging, factual and immersive for all age groups.


A rich history

Around 100 personnel were based here, drawing up the maps used for bombing missions during the war, including the ‘Dambusters’ raid and for targeting Hitler’s mountain retreat Eagle’s Nest. Skilled cartographers produced leading-edge maps from aerial photographs delivered by the RAF’s reconnaissance missions.