The keep fit family

Red Rocket Running Club,
10 top tips!

As health and wellbeing in the workplace is a huge topic in organisations at the moment, as a team, we have all decided to change some of our habits to become healthier. Whether it’s drinking more water, cutting down on the processed food we eat or running 5k a week… We’re well on our way to a healthier lifestyle.


Back in Summer 2016, we started a running club once a week after work and it’s been going strong ever since. For some of the team, it acted like a ‘couch to 5k’ target and for others, the route was just a ‘warm-up’. However, when we’re running, we all motivate one another to try and push for personal bests, because teamwork doesn’t just happen in the studio.


It has now come to the stage where we designed our own t-shirts and hoodies so that we could get our name out there when we’re running and upload information and photos of the club on our social media platforms.


Our top tips

  1. Invest in some good running trainers
    There’s nothing worse than running for 30+ minutes with a bad pair of trainers on… Blisters for days
  2. Stretch before a workout
    The best way to avoid injury when you’re running is to spend 5-10 minutes stretching
  3. Don’t race too often
  4. Drink ample water
    A minimum of 2 litres a day as you lose so much water when you sweat and dehydration can cause problems
  5. Cross-train to build good posture training the rest of your body and especially your core enables it to support the rest of your body and prevent injuries
  6. Follow a training plan stick to your training plan to ensure that you’re consistent
  7. Make it social
    It’s so much easier to get motivated when you’re with a friend. You can motivate and push each other
  8. Take time to recover recovery time is extremely important to avoid causing an injury to your body
  9. Keep a record
    Invest in a good stopwatch/Fitbit or app and then celebrate when you’ve reached a new PB or goal
  10. Listen to music to keep you motivated
    It often helps to run or control your breathing to a certain beat.