Responsible Purchasing Policy

A little bit about how Red Rocket protect your data.

Red Rocket prides itself in conducting its business transparently and ethically. When making business decisions we are committed to minimising any negative impacts which arise from our operations, whilst trying to maximise benefits for the environment and local communities.

 We believe that this is best achieved by working with suppliers, contractors and business partners who hold the same attitude to business as ourselves and for this purpose we have adopted a Responsive Purchasing Policy.

 In developing our responsible Purchasing Policy we have not tried to reinvent ourselves and we believe it reflects the current ethos and high standards we operate to and have come to expect from companies who do business with us. The policy includes procedures for a company of our size to comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

 We believe that slavery, the exploitation of workers and the use of child labour should play no role in modern-day business. We are committed to ensuring that acts of modern slavery and human trafficking are not present within our operations, those of our suppliers, contractors or business partners. We would, therefore, ask you to please visit our website and familiarise yourself with our Responsible Purchasing Policy and company conditions of purchase at

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