Great Western Railway


Great Western Railway, kids adventure packs

What was included

The GWR Adventure Packs consists of 6 key elements. Firstly, an activity sheet teaching how to be safe on the railway as well as an image to colour in, a word search, and a quiz. Also, it included GWR branded stationery, a torch, a sticker pack, and a pop-out 3D cardboard train.

The Numbers





Great Western Railway model train cutout

Designing the products

To make travelling with GWR feel like an amazing adventure the Adventure Packs were created with a cartoon style to appeal to children travelling on the network. As a result, we made the elements in the pack engaging and fun. As a matter of fact, we’re sure that not just the children, but the parents appreciated the time that these packs would keep young GWR passengers engaged.

Great Western Railway Kids Adventure Pack designed in the style of the famous five

The Red Rocket Solution

In conclusion, Red Rocket took the brief of engaging young passengers and we were able to put together a pack that, ‘thought outside of the box’ as regards to how this could be done. As a team, we were pleased with how the ideas, designing, producing and assembling of these adventure packs came together, and we are sure they are being enjoyed across the Great Western Railway.