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The company

Firstly, the Relocation Agent Network is an affiliation of Cartus. Most importantly, for the last 60 years, Cartus has helped relocate employees and their families, finding new homes, new communities, and new experiences. In fact, they provide services in over 185 countries and have over 35 years of experience in the residential property market. Not to mention, we have been working alongside them since 2006, creating branding and products that bring their company to life.


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The Brief

In fact, the company runs the Relocation Agent Network National Conference every year. The event includes various presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities, whilst aiming to celebrate the achievements of their employees. Red Rocket has had the privilege of working alongside Cartus with this event for over 10 years. 

Cartus is a modern company and would like to portray the up-to-date nature of their Relocation Agent Network. It was important that the design and styles of our concepts were incorporated this. For this reason, the majority of Red Rockets designs were sharp, geometric, and modern. To emphasise key elements, a wider colour palette was created. This enabled the Relocation Agent Network to demonstrate the expressive atmosphere of the event and invoke excitement.

Designing the products

The material that we worked to design and produce for Cartus each year were conference brochures, awards logos, an e-Network magazine, web banners, and a navigation page. Each year Red Rocket provided several concepts for the theme of the design so that Cartus could decide which ideas best represented the conference for that year.

The Red Rocket Solution

In conclusion, through our providing a multitude of different design options, we were able to cater to the specific needs of Cartus, providing the perfect theme for each year. As shown above, Red Rocket delivered the physical materials for the annual conferences, coupled with the forward-thinking web design and the eNetwork magazines. Given these points, we look forward to working alongside Cartus for the next years event.