Great Western Railway

Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards

The south-west based train operator approached Red Rocket for the fourth year running to promote the Excellence Awards. Their ask: build a flagship website, supply collateral and print material for the event. As the event supplier for the last 3 years running, we have a tried and trusted method to get the event to the standards it deserves.

The Numbers






Award Catagories

GWR Excellecne Awards digital screen assets
GWR Excellecne Awards digital screen assets

Building the brand

Red Rocket created themed branding for this exciting project. From initial concepts to the final deliverables, we worked alongside GWR every step of the way. We ensure the highest quality at each stage. For this reason, we supplied a variety of deliverables which included everything from printed invitations to a fully responsive website.

Not to mention, we created the branding for pull up banners, gift bags, table plans, and presentation slides to be used at the event. Our creativity knows no bounds. We also filmed and produced the GWR Excellence Awards 2019 Highlights video.
The event was a pleasure to play a part in making happen. Above all, whilst filming we could see that the employees of GWR had an amazing time to remember.

The Red Rocket Solution

As can be seen, GWR believes that colleagues who go above and beyond deserve an amazing, quality and fun night to remember. As shown above, Red Rocket services provide nothing short of that.

In conclusion, the website our team designed side-by-side with the Excellence Awards team formed a solid foundation for the platform’s mobile experience; a foundation that continues to celebrate staff across the Great Western Railway network.

GWR Excellence awards graphic design and print production