Great Western Railway


Great Western Railway, For the love of rail love heart illustration

What was involved

Firstly, Red Rocket designed a web page for GWR managers to order products for the Love of Rail initiative. This campaign was simple, ‘For the love of rail – stop and take a moment to say thank you’. 

GWR managers flocked to our webpage to order the Love of Rail packs and say thank you to their teams. Each of these packs included branded thank you cards, ticket wallets, pens, Love Hearts and roses chocolates.

The Numbers


Love Heart Packs 


Roses Chocolate Box’s


Branded Pens


Thank you Cards

For the love of rail promotional items for Great Western Railway

Designing the products

The products designed for the Valentines packs needed to be branded according to the GWR guidelines in order to achieve a corporate look. To lighten the feel of the design, the main aspect was a digitally drawn heart, that included five different GWR team members wearing different styles of uniforms. The use of a basic style of artwork and the bright colour palette really portrayed a fun and exciting atmosphere that we are sure was felt by the employees of GWR.


On completion of the ‘For the love of Rail’ designs, our fulfilment team packaged each one into separate packs. These were then sent off to GWR hubs where they were sorted and distributed to addresses, depending on the quantity agreed that was needed by each manager.