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The Journey

Firslty, SureFoot Solutions is taking the industry by storm. In fact, they offer modern reporting for the modern world, simple right? Whether reporting an incident, at a restaurant or doing the stock count, their reliable reporting system can help manage your business.

The company

The London based company reached out to Red Rocket to redesign its responsive website for both their consumer and employees. Their goal was to streamline each path to purchase through effective brand storytelling and elevated product presentation.

The Numbers



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As a matter of fact, the new SureFoot website features an all-new user interface, clean design and showcases the SureFoot Portal. In the first instance, our vision was to optimise the user journey by organising content and encourage conversions. As important as it was to create high-end visuals, the ultimate goal was to drive traffic and conversion on the SureFoot Portal.

With company growth as a priority for SureFoot, it was essential to effectively showcase the SureFoot Portal to attract new customers. So, how did we deliver? Keeping in the style of the refined brand, we developed a short animation to showcase the portal.

In fact, to further communicate their marketing goals and objectives, a series of video testimonials were created. Therefore, who better to hear from than those using the SureFoot Portal.

For instance, the redesigned mobile experience delivers clear product storytelling in a way that effectively educates and engages potential customers. In conclusion, this forward-thinking approach made SureFoot Solutions stand out from their compeititors. 


Finally, we created a series of short testimonial films from their vast client base. What better way to communicate a product from happy customers already using the service. In conclusion, this was a dynamic way to communicate their corporate message and brand in a clear concise way.

SureFoot Solutions responsive website mockup on laptop