We designs and creates experiences that place your user at the very heart

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We all know that first impressions count. Firstly, we get to know your client base to understand your unique user’s experience. Secondly, we curate a strong design aesthetic to mirror your brand. Our unique approach will ensure that your clients will become engaged by your digital marketing, website and eCommerce Store. Most importantly, logical navigation and strong visuals will encourage sales and promote your digital products with ease.


We construct wireframes to ensure the structure, layout, navigation and functionalities of the new website, webshop or web application are absolutely correct. These wireframes describe the digital product’s construction and provide a clear overarching view of how all the pages and other elements are linked. For the end-user, of course, the navigation must prove as logical as possible.

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As well as mapping out existing challenges we analyse, your market and users to make certain that the end result offers an all-embracing experience. At Red Rocket we like to look further, seeking out new possibilities and opportunities. We process insights and join the dots. Higher conversion improved ease of use and a smother workflow: we generate successful digital solutions based on clear, verifiable insights.

Our Services

Based on clear, verifiable insights we create successful solutions. We help startups and established brands develop quality branding and marketing tools to help foster sustainable growth.

At Red Rocket we create stunning visual communication and problem solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.

At Red Rocket, people are at the centre of everything we do. We design engaging digital experiences that tell your brand’s story and builds a strong connection with your target audience.

We design innovative communications through the use of videography, photography, and illustration. As well as communicate your brand in a variety of finishes.