Great Western Railway

Excellence Awards

Excellence Awards

We have supplied GWR for over 15 years on a variety of projects. So…it was no surprise when they approached us to promote the GWR Excellence Awards for the fourth year running.

The Numbers






Award Catagories

Great Western Railway - Excellence Awards 2019 Internal Comms Screens
Great Western Railway - Excellence Awards 2019 Internal Comms Posters

Building the brand

In previous years, we had created the website, promotional material and award trophies. However, this year the GWR team had something a little different in mind. Firstly, we were asked to create a flagship website. The brief was simple: intuitive, dynamic, engaging and automation of the nomination process.

Secondly, Red Rocket created branding, post-conference materials, digital screens and the awards for this exciting project. From the initial concepts through to completion, we worked alongside the GWR Team every step of the way. For this reason, we can deliver the highest quality product at each stage of the project.

In addition to the above, we also created branded pull-up banners, gift bags, table plans and presentation slides to be used at the event. Finally, we created a series of award films to showcase the hard work and dedication of the GWR nominees. These short films are then produced and edited at Red Rocket into a Highlights video for the event.

Our Solution

The GWR Excellence Awards was a pleasure to be involved in from start to finish. Above all else, you can see that the employees of GWR had a fun and engaging evening.

In conclusion, we provided an all-in-one solution for the GWR Excellence Awards and created a truly unforgettable experience. We were able to create Digital, Film and Print solutions tailored to their requirements.

Great Western Railway - Excellence Awards 2019 Winners Booklet