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Firstly, the Great Western Railway is a British train operating company owned by FirstGroup that operates the Greater Western railway franchise. It manages 197 stations and its trains call at over 270.

GWR approached us to design and create a ‘coffee table’ style, hardback book. The subject of this exciting new project was GWR’s newly named Castle Class trains. The aim was to celebrate some of the most beautiful and iconic castles on their network.

The Brief

With 26 trains being renamed after castles along with GWR’s network, the company wanted to raise awareness for these landmarks. Not only did they aim to encourage GWR customers to visit the castles, but they
wanted to display and celebrate the beauty of these sites. Red Rocket ensured that the project looked sleek and professional, really
emphasising the importance of these places.

The Numbers




Years of the HST





Copies printed

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Designing the nameplates

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Translating to WELSH

GWR wanted these booklets to be distributed as widely as possible, and with some of the castles being located in Wales, they produced a second version, completely in the Welsh language. After we had got the booklet translated, and reformatted various pages to accommodate the change in content, 2,000 of these products were distributed around Wales.