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  • Graeme Wright - Director
  • Liam O'Rafferty - Director
  • Laurie Kyle - Production Lead
  • Anthony Whitefield - Digital lead
  • Chloe Street - Graphic Designer
  • Ben McCarthy - Animator
  • Chloe Richards - Graphic Designer
  • Rob Illing - Graphic Designer

Doing the work we love 
For over 20 years…

Red Rocket is a creative agency that uses innovation and good ideas to elevate a company and its products through elevated Graphic Design and Print Production, responsive Websites, Cutting edge Animation and exciting Film and Photographic solutions.

Experiences We’ve Created

When strategic goals align with the user’s hearts and needs.

What we do

Our approach is user-focused. Helping you reach the hearts of your customers by providing better experiences while maintaining progress on your long-term strategies.